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About us

Human Endurance offers you a range of exciting adventures and experiences to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. 

Our calendar of events includes a variety of action-packed events for you to run, swim, ride and perhaps even crawl your way through! Whatever the challenge, our events are designed to give you new and unique experiences, test your endurance and will to succeed, and top it all off with that awesome feeling of personal achievement.

We believe...

You never feel more alive than when you've accomplished a challenge you've set yourself. It's the very best feeling in the world and our events are designed to give you that feeling... every time. Sure, you might go through some other feelings to get there but that's what makes the achievement oh so sweet.

There is nothing so strong as your belief in yourself. Our adventures are not only physically challenging but can be mentally challenging as well. By signing up for a Human Endurance event, you've already told yourself you can do it so all that's left to do is prove it!

A healthy lifestyle and a healthy attitude make a happy life. At Human Endurance, we look at the glass as being half full of water... then we drink it! 

A great adventure needn't cost a great sum. We work hard to give you as much fun, fitness (and freebies!) as we can for your entry fee. At Human Endurance we believe in value for money and try our best to deliver this for every one of our events.

We can make a difference. Every Human Endurance event supports a local charity. There are a lot of people in our community that need help so for each event you register for, you'll be contributing. 

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