The Bay Biathlon 2012 swim

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Communities for Communities is a local Canada Bay charity promoting the connectedness of people to support other communities in need.

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The Bay Biathlon

Congratulations to everyone who participated in The very first Bay Biathlon held at Rodd Point on Sunday 25 November. The waters were calm, the sun was shining and there were lots of smiles around the course. 

It was terrific to see so many people (about 130) turn up to support our very first event and help to raise money for our chosen local charity, Communities for Communities. We are proud that more than $3000 was raised and donated to the charity.

People of all ages and abilities took part in the 200m, 500m and 1.2km races, and we received a lot of positive feedback on the day and by email. 

Manual timing was used to keep running costs low and donations high - so we thank you for your patience while we compiled, checked and re-checked the numbers. Results are now available.