The Bay Biathlon 2012 swim

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Communities for Communities is a local Canada Bay charity promoting the connectedness of people to support other communities in need.

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Previous results

The Bay Biathlon 2012 team results

The Bay Biathlon 2012 individual results

We've spent many hours (and had many cups of coffee) painstakingly combing through the swim and run times to provide the results, and we'd like to thank you for your patience. While the volunteers did their best to capture everyone's times, it was difficult as a lot of finishers were not wearing their race bib (and had sweat or washed the numbers off their arm!) We also realised some entrants did not complete both legs of the race (without notifying us), which had us scratching our heads looking for results that weren't there.

Manual timing is never going to be 100 per cent accurate but we've done our absolute best to provide finish times for both the swim and the run for every person who finished.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated and thanks for your support and see you next year!

Our aim was to provide a new and fun community event to raise money for the small local charity, Communities for Communities. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and your achievement.