The Bay Biathlon 2012 swim

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The course

 The swim

There are three swim distances you can choose from:

  • 200m swim and 7km run
  • 500m swim and 7km run
  • 1.2km swim and 7km run

The main swim is approximately 1.2km starting from the front of the Rowing Club. It is a deep water start, swimming anti-clockwise around Cockatoo Island.

The shorter swims are approximately 200m and 500m starting from the same point.

Bay Biathlon swim course


The area will be patrolled by motorised boats and paddle craft to assist you if you have difficulties during the swim.


The water temperature is expected to be in the range of 22-24°C.

Transition and the run

The transition and run start will be in Rodd Park. Runners will exit transition and turn right onto The Bay Run to follow the 7km path in a clockwise direction to finish back at Rodd Park.

The Bay Biathlon - transition and run start map_small